Affordable Gifts: Under $100

Affordable Gifts: Under $100

Affordable gifts at Josephs  isn’t a crazy thought. We’ve heard some pretty crazy things while working in retail but the most insane is,  “I could never afford anything at Josephs”. That’s crazy talk! At Josephs, we have something for everyone, no matter their budget. A lot of people forget that jewelry and other gifts from Josephs can be very affordable. We carry a wide variety of gifts, jewelry and home goods.  A gold box from Josephs doesn’t have to cost a fortune and to prove it to you we’ve put together a list of gifts under $100.

Affordable Gifts

Budget friendly gifts under $100Gifts under $100

Tie Bar   Bracelet   Clock   Ring   Money Clip    Earrings


Budget friendly gifts under $50

Gifts under $50

Earrings  Ornament  Necklace  Ring   Chain   Cufflinks 

Gifts under $25

gifts under $25

Wine Glass  Ring Box  RN Charm  Iowa Glass   Earrings   Bracelet


This Christmas its easy to get everyone on your list a gold box from Josephs Jewelers. We can work within any budget, to get an affordable gift,  without question.

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