A Legacy of Love: Joseph’s Made Our Wedding Unforgettable

A Legacy of Love: Joseph’s Made Our Wedding Unforgettable

Special moments are shaped by people, stories, and treasures. Gabbi’s wedding showcased love’s legacy from Jake and Joseph’s, entwined with grandfathers’ memories.

Bill Baum

Her beloved grandfather, Bill Baum, was an integral part of Joseph’s for an astounding 46 years. His journey there culminated as the CEO in 2004. His influence extended far beyond the walls of the store, as he etched his mark on countless engagement stories. People would light up whenever they ventured out, eager to share their tales of how her grandpa had made their ring selection experience truly magical. Even after his retirement, she clung to a dream of having her own “Bill Baum” story, a dream that would materialize with her engagement to Derek.

When the momentous decision to propose arrived, she had just one request for Derek: that he embark on this journey at Joseph’s, alongside her grandpa. Despite the bustling weekend frenzy – the prelude to Valentine’s Day – Jake, a pillar of patience, invited her future husband and grandpa into his office. There, they embarked on an odyssey of diamond exploration that spanned hours. Her grandpa, with unwavering dedication, passed on his knowledge to Derek, imparting the intricacies of diamond selection. Their collaborative efforts guided Derek towards the perfect diamond. And as the chosen gem gleamed in the light, Jake unveiled a poignant surprise: this diamond had been procured by Gabbi’s grandpa himself, back in 2001, during his final years as a diamond buyer for the store. A touch of fate, perhaps guided by Jake’s subtle orchestration, had ensured this cherished gem found its way to her.

choosing diamonds

Tragically, her grandpa’s passing coincided with the week of her wedding. They profoundly felt his absence; he had been one of the cornerstones of her world. But amid the sorrow, she found solace in gazing down at her finger, adorned by that very diamond. Its presence poignantly reminded them of the cherished bond they shared.

Family Heirloom: A Legacy of Love

Derek, too, carried the weight of loss as his own grandfather had passed away six months prior to their wedding. As the torchbearer of his grandpa’s legacy, he inherited his ring. Encouraged by his grandma, they turned to Jake to reimagine this symbol of family heritage. With consummate skill, Jake breathed new life into the ring while preserving its essence. A picture showed Derek revealing the “new” ring to his grandma, symbolizing continuity and love.

Their jewelry journey didn’t end there. On her special day, she adorned herself with treasures she had borrowed from her grandma – pearl earrings, a diamond necklace, and a diamond bracelet – all of which her grandpa had meticulously selected from Joseph’s over the years. Months before his passing, he summoned her, and together with her grandma, they curated a collection for her to wear on her wedding day. Each piece was a testament to their enduring love and wisdom.

“I’ve shared many photos, the jewelry and the process of picking out the jewelry was truly one of the most special parts of our day. I feel like one of my grandpa’s customers that came up to us at restaurants growing up; gushing about their experience picking out their engagement rings. I was lucky enough to be the last one in my grandpa’s legacy. It’s really the Joseph’s legacy and I’m especially grateful to have not just a “Bill Baum” story but also a “Jake Joseph” story too.” -Gabbi Sarcone

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