Aquamarine: A “Clear” Favorite

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Aquamarine is one of our favorites, Take one look around our colored gemstone cases and it’s easy to see – we have a multitude of unique, custom-designed pieces set with beautiful aqua stones of all shapes, sizes and shades.  There’s something special about this stone in its ability to inspire great jewelry design, and it’s only appropriate to shine the spotlight on the stone today, because aquamarine is the designated birthstone for March!

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Aquamarine is aptly named for “seawater” because of its crystal clear shades of blue, from a deep sky blue to a pale light blue, and sometimes even with hints of green. Aqua crystals can grow in large sizes, which allow the gemstone to be set in big looks. The largest gem-quality aquamarine, the Dom Pedro, weighs in at an astonishing 10,363 carats – about 4.6 pounds!

The Dom Pedro aquamarine
The Dom Pedro aquamarine, measuring 14 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Cut by Bernd Munsteiner. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian.

The stone is amazingly transparent and has a spectacular sparkle. Its color combined with its crystal clear clarity and wide range of gemstone size make this stone a particular favorite among jewelry & gemstone enthusiasts.

aquamarine emerald

Although they differ in color and clarity, you may be surprised to learn that aquamarine is in the same mineral species as emerald, both of which are part of the beryl family. You’re probably wondering, how could this be?! The mineral present in emerald, chromium, gives the stone its characteristic green to blueish-green color and higher instances of inclusions. Aquamarine, on the other hand, gets its color by iron and tends to be more pristine and free of inclusions. Two very rare & well-known gemstones on their own merit – yet the same mineral!

Some folklore even states that aquamarine brings good luck at sea, enhances the happiness of marriage and increases your intellect. But we’ll let you be the judge of that!

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