Bench Jewelers: Behind the Scenes

Our in-house jewelry repair shop plays a big role in making things happen here at Josephs. We have a full staff of bench jewelers who do everything from mounting diamonds & colored stones, to restringing strands of pearls, to repairing clasps and even creating custom jewelry pieces. We also have professional watchmakers that help repair all kinds of watches, including Rolex.

We had one of our bench jewelers, Anna, take some behind-the-scenes photos to give everyone a good look into what a jeweler & watchmaker’s day is like. She took over our Instagram account this past week and shared some amazing photos – take a look at the exciting things that happen in our shop each & every day!

bench jewelers
A great way to start every day.
Graver sharpening.
bench jewelers polishing
Watchmakers’ world.
Steady hands and a calm mind to work with tiny watch parts.
Watch on the fritz.
It’s a good day when you get to use the anvil.
Some jobs require hand-made tools.
bench jewelers test color
Testing color change diamonds.
bench jewelers
One of the many perks of the jobs – playing with gems.
gems bench jewelers
Matching stones.



In addition to our extensive collection of retail items, we offer many additional services for all things jewelry related. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. For financing on bridal purchases please contact Josephs Jewelers at 515.440.2991 or email our credit manager


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