Sylvie Collection: Designer Q&A

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When it comes to jewelry, we particularly love ring mounting styles that are well-made and beautifully designed, not only for engagement rings but also for any occasion that calls for a stone to be mounted.  One of our jewelry partners, Sylvie Collection, has pieces that meet both those criteria effortlessly. We thought it would be nice to share a little insight on Sylvie herself and put a spotlight on her Belgian company’s engagement rings and fashion pieces!



How did you get started in the jewelry industry?

I was born into a diamond family in Antwerp, Belgium, the center of the world’s diamond trade. Beginning in 1994, I started working in the fine jewelry and diamond industry alongside my husband. However, after 12 consecutive years of hard work and dedication, I decided to venture out and launched Sylvie Collection in 2007. My husband and I partnered to create the Sylvie Collection, thus continuing the family tradition started by his company, Spectrum Diamonds.

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Tell us about your jewelry designs and what sets you apart.

It has been my mission to help every bride find a perfect, timeless ring, at any price point, without compromising on quality. I design bridal rings because it is such a sentimental product, signifying a unique and monumental event in one’s life. Knowing that I have made a difference in a beloved couple’s life is the primary reason behind my passion for designing. The majority of my orders are customized, allowing a bride-to-be the opportunity to personalize her ring exactly the way she wants it. It touches my heart so deeply when my customers tag “Sylvie Collection” on their social media platforms, as it allows me to openly see the impact and joy my clients are experiencing because of my designs.


The 14 Sylvie collections are personal and reflect my commitment to always use ethical sources while offering endless options. I’m very proud of the thousands of settings that can be customized in any size, shape, or cut and always with platinum, and 14 and 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

What trend are you seeing/selling a lot of right now for engagement rings & wedding bands?

Sylvie Collection Metal choice: Two-tone styles in rose & white and yellow & white. I see a lot of halo rings being ordered where we make the shank in white or yellow. Girls are very comfortable mixing these days. Favored metal still remains white gold, but we definitely see lots of two-tone requests more than just all rose or all yellow.

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Sylvie Collection Styles: Vintage is definitely a hot trend – it’s amazing how many searches with the word “vintage” are being done on the internet. I know it may not sound like a trend anymore, but it is amazing how strong the halo ring still is. We sell them like crazy all year long. The solitaire is a very popular setting – some with diamonds down the shank and some with a clean shank but a little hidden detail in the profile of the ring. They all want the flush fit style.

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Sylvie Collection Center stones: Oval cut diamonds are making a big comeback! (Yeah! We love to see them set east-west!). Round diamonds are still the ones we sell most and then cushion cut after that. Preferred carat weight for centers is around 1 carat, but since I sell to such a large audience and my rings can accommodate any size or shape center, we see a lot of .75 carat and .90 carat stones.


And of course, any ring that will photograph well on Instagram! #ringselfie

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We love Sylvie’s ring mountings and beautiful fashion jewelry pieces – all of these shown here (and more!) are available at Josephs!

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