Engagement Rings that Make the Cut!

engagement rings

Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than just a piece of jewelry for many people: they’re a symbol of lasting love and commitment. We know this decision is an important and personal one, and it should also be a fun and enjoyable one, too! You want your rings to reflect your personal style and have them be something you’ll love and cherish forever – and maybe even pass down to a loved one some day.

We get excited when we have new engagement ring mounting styles come in the store, and we’re happy to share some of these new designs with you here. While white gold still remains most popular, yellow gold and rose gold (and sometimes a mix of colors) have increased in popularity among some of today’s brides. You’ll see lots of twisty shapes, vintage styles and new ways to use baguettes. Just picture your dream diamond in the mountings!



Engagement Rings




engagement rings


engagement rings

A lot of brides also opt for traditional, solitaire or diamond engagement rings and then have fun mixing up the style with their wedding bands, to create an interesting multi-texture look. Some of our favorite wedding band designs are below, which are beautiful when paired with a multitude of engagement ring styles:

Engagement rings

We’re also seeing some brides deviate from traditional diamonds, and opt for beautiful colored stones like sapphires instead. While sapphires are not as hard as diamonds, they are a good choice for a colored stone lover who wants something different yet still durable. (And, you may remember one of our favorite gemstone cutters, John Dyer, has been buying more sapphire rough lately for this very same reason!) It’s also fun to add some color in the wedding band too, like different colored diamonds, sapphires or green emeralds.


engagement rings


engagement rings

Whatever your personal taste, there’s an engagement ring & wedding band to suit your style. We also do custom design – so whatever you’ve got pinned on your Pinterest board, we can help bring it to life. The possibilities really are endless!

A big congrats to all of the Josephs brides out there just getting engaged and those with weddings this summer!

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