Adventure Jewelry: Equal Opportunity Luxury

Adventure Jewelry: Equal Opportunity Luxury

Adventure Jewelry

Have you ever noticed you don’t wear your finest when hiking, swimming, or even running errands? At Josephs, we don’t encourage you to wear your gorgeous engagement ring while working out or gardening. BUT don’t you ever feel like you need something a little shiny to complete your outfit? We do and we call it adventure jewelry!

All of the pieces below are an inexpensive but luxurious looking piece we think would look great with your next adventure outfits. From swimming on vacation, to your regular exercise routine we’ve got luxury within reach.

Swimming, Sunbathing & Boating

Beach Adventure Jewelry
Gold plated earrings by the sea

While we don’t encourage any jewelry to take the forbidden dip into a chlorine pool, we think a beach day or a boat day would be the perfect day to don some gold plated/gold filled jewelry. The pieces below are affordable and easily replaceable, unlike the pearl necklace your grandmother gave you for your wedding day.

Things to remember:
  • Salt water and chlorine can damage your jewelry.
  • The sun can bleach certain materials, especially natural elements and some plastics.
  • Cool temperatures cause your fingers to shrink, creating room for your ring to slip off. In water, you may not even notice until it’s too late.
  • Dirt and small rocks are abrasive. If not cleaned right away, your jewelry can be permanently damaged.


Kelly Boddicker, our jewelry fanatic sales person doesn’t do any activity without her adventure jewelry. She even runs half marathons with her diamond earrings, BRAVE. We don’t think hiking would be the best place to wear your favorite diamond earrings, however, a pair of sterling silver and cubic zirconia studs would be more suitable. Sometimes you just need a little bling for that Instagram-able moment on a mountain top….without the anxiety one would fall out and get lost.

The below items are affordable stand-in adventure jewelry pieces for your more valuable and sentimental jewelry.

Things to remember:
  • Sunscreen and bug sprays can get into the crevices of chains and prongs and create a film on your jewelry, making it dull and dingy.
  • Taking hats, scarves and jackets on and off is an easy way to knock your earrings out.


Man and woman exercising with adventure jewelry
Young couple running in the park on the sunny day, wearing jewelry

Exercise is a great way to shine as bright as your jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets add a little sparkle to your exercise routine without getting in the way of your workout.

Things to remember:

  • Hands tend to swell when they get hot, avoid rings.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be a special occasion only accessory, its an equal opportunity luxury. It’s easy to find pieces at Josephs to fit into your daily routine without breaking the bank.

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