The Facts on Amethyst – February Birthstone

The Facts on Amethyst – February Birthstone

February Birthstone

Amethyst has universal and timeless appeal with is rich purple color. Purple used to be the chosen color for royalty. Over time, amethyst became a popular stone choice for all. This birthstone can range from pale, soft lavender purple to a deep dark purple hue. The most desirable amethyst color is an intense, even-tone dark purple with flashes of red under incandescent light. The pale lavender is a less expensive option. Generally, amethyst is an affordable stone choice and it has a beautiful degree of transparency to it.

February Birthstone Amethyst

Amethyst is the February birthstone and is the stone for the sixth wedding anniversary. Amethyst is in the quartz family and is crystallized quartz. Crystallized quartz can be a single crystal – or sometimes appears in a cluster of crystals in rocks. Quartz is an ancient stone that has been unearthed with remains of prehistoric man (20,000 BC). It is mined all over the world, including the United States. Four major mine sources today are in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Zambia. Small quantities of very high-end amethysts are found in Russia.

In ancient cultures (such as Greece), quartz was thought to have magical powers. They believed when quartz crystals are squeezed, they become electrically charged – and have a “vibration”. Early man thought that amethysts could prevent diseases, intoxication, and predict fortunes. It was also believed to inspire courage, calmness and contemplation.

Amethyst can be cleaned safely in an ultrasonic cleaner, but minimal steam should be applied to this stone. Strong heat can possibly turn the stone colorless, and abrupt heat can fracture it. Warm, soapy water is a safe cleaning alternative.

Amethyst is a readily available gem that’s a great choice for an affordable and beautiful piece of jewelry. Without question, this gem will make you feel and look like royalty!

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