Father’s Day : Gift Guide

Father’s Day : Gift Guide

Father’s day is a special day. A day where dad’s can crack terrible dad jokes and you have to smile, it’s against the father’s day law not to. Where grilling, yard work, and the white new balance dad shoe reigns supreme. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your dad. At Josephs, we’ve got a lot of great dads and we’ve asked some of them to pick out the perfect father’s day gifts and they’ve delivered. Read below to see our Father’s Day gift guide.


Jesse Mason, Sales, with his daughters for Father's Day

Jesse thinks this Tag watch would make the perfect gift from his girls.

You can buy it here: watch


Mikell Morris, Sales, and his daughter for Father's Day

Mikell would love a gold bracelet or an OMEGA watch from his daughter.

You can buy it here: Watch Bracelet


Jim Satin, Sales, and his son on Father's Day

Jim and his son wrestled over whether a watch or ring would make a better gift. They tied.

You can buy them here: Ring Watch

Josephs Jewelers has a wide variety of gifts for all the men in your life. Whatever you choose to get him for Father’s day, make sure it’s in a gold box from Josephs Jewelers and he’ll be happy.

Other great gift ideas:

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