How to Insure Your Jewelry

How to Insure Your Jewelry

There are many reasons why you would want to insure your jewelry. Maybe your engagement ring got stolen, mysteriously disappeared or got damaged, either way insuring your jewelry can give you a peace of mind in case the worst case scenario happens.


The steps for insuring your jewelry are actually quite simple. To insure your jewelry, you’ll first need a retail replacement report (RRR). This document is an overall analysis of your jewelry and includes the type of jewelry, metal type, type and quality of the stone(s), and an assessment of the total value of the jewelry. This description helps replace a lost or damaged piece with one of like kind and quality.


The next step after receiving your retail replacement report (RRR) would be to contact your insurance company. There are different types of policies and coverage that you can choose from based on your needs but your insurance agent should walk you through the plans to help you find which is best. Most homeowners insurance policies cover your jewelry to an extent, but usually not in the case of loss or an unexplained disappearance. We are also able to help you get jewelry insurance in-store through Jewelers Mutual, who specialize in jewelry coverage. A good policy plan should cover you from any possible situation, including a mysterious disappearance.


An appraisal at Josephs varies in price. There is no charge for a new or updated retail replacement report if your items were purchased from Josephs. Pricing for other items vary per piece, but most pieces are between $35-$100. We recommend bringing any prior reports, documentation, receipts or grading reports with you. The turnaround time is typically 10 days to two weeks. For ten pieces or more, an appointment (Monday through Friday) is required.

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