How to Travel with Jewelry

How to Travel with Jewelry

Warmer weather means many of us have our sights set on crossing a vacation off our bucket list. With limited luggage space and worrying about the safety of our belongings, we understand the hesitation with wanting to bring jewelry with you. If you are planning to travel with a few of your favorite jewelry accessories, we recommend making sure you have proper storage to keep your jewelry in like-new condition.

It’s important to find something that is lined with a soft fabric. This is because anything rough can cause metals to scratch and softer gems to break or become worn. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re storing your items in something that’s large enough so your jewelry is not crammed.

Now that you have those two important qualities checked off, it’s time to start looking.

We strongly recommend a travel jewelry case. These are often compact in size and are the best option when it comes to storing your jewelry on-the-go. There are many different styles and price points, but one that we really enjoy is from WOLF. These are perfect sizes for tote bags, carry on bags or even your overstuffed luggage. They feature a quality leather exterior and fabric lining. We especially love the various storage sections like ring rolls, hooks, and open compartments that keep your jewels tangle and damage free. WOLF is currently available at Josephs in a variety of styles.

Another quality investment is a jewelry roll. These are great for smaller selections and if you’re worried about space while you’re on-the-go. Similar to the compact jewelry case, these pieces are secured with different sections.

Now that you have what you should store your jewelry in while traveling, how can you also protect it while on your vacay?

  • Make sure to document expensive jewelry that you bring. If you lose a piece or it is stolen, this makes it easy to file a report or insurance claim. We do not recommend bringing any expensive or sentimental pieces.
  • Do not wear your jewelry when exercising, swimming, applying sunblock or in direct sunlight. Chlorine is damaging to the metals causing discoloration and erosion to the finish. Sunblock can get caught in the small crevices in your jewelry and make it difficult to clean.
  • If you leave your hotel room, ask the hotel staff if they have a safe you can store your jewelry in while you’re gone. Never leave it lying out, and while a suitcase may seem safe, it is also not the best option.
  • Pack light! Think of jewelry that can pair well with several outfits, like a pearl necklace or a dainty diamond pendant.

WOLF Chloe Jewelry Portfolio in Cream


Caroline Zip Travel Case


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