Jewelry Design: Josephs Process


One thing we like doing here at Josephs is jewelry design. We enjoy every step of the jewelry design process, from design inception to seeing the finished piece for the first time. The first step is to get your jewelry creative juices flowing and come up with different designs, a lot of times relying on artistic talent to beautifully bring these designs to life. Whatever idea you have in your head, we can find a way to create it.

Laurie, one of our associates at our downtown location, happens to be extremely dexterous when it comes to putting pencil on paper. She shared some of her amazing sketches and posted them on our Instagram a few weeks ago, and we had to share them here too!

IMG_20150415_205533 IMG_20150415_204552 jewelry design

Another part of the jewelry design process that takes you one step closer to the finished piece, is a digital CAD (computer-aided design) visualization. Using the initial design sketches on paper, we will take those images and create them with exact measurements into the computer. The final output is an accurately proportioned, all-angle version of the finished piece and really helps to get a visual of how things will look when complete.

IMG_20150415_205136 IMG_20150418_222749 jewelry design IMG_20150418_222853 - Copy

The last step, after any changes need to be made, is to begin manufacturing the piece of jewelry. Sometimes this involves a wax mold of the piece, other times it’s straight to production. Either way, nothing quite beats seeing the final product in person and watching the design come to life in your hands!

Jewelry design jewelry design

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