Josephs Jewelers | 150th Anniversary

Josephs Jewelers | 150th Anniversary

Josephs Jewelers celebrated our 150th anniversary this year.   There’s so much history to celebrate at Josephs, especially after 150 years.

Our 150th Anniversary  brought with it new and exciting celebrations and projects, here’s a refresher and a recap!


It all started in 1871, just 20 years after Des Moines was established. Solomon Josephi (who later dropped the I in his last name before founding S. Joseph and Sons) left Prussia and
migrated to New York City before moving to Elgin, Illinois. In Elgin, he learned the skill of watchmaking and after eight years,
he moved to Des Moines. In Des Moines,  he joined Plumb Brothers Jewelry Company for a year before opening S. Joseph and Sons.
Eventually, being known as a meticulous jeweler and time keeper, the railroad designated Josephs to maintain and time the trains …and the rest is history.

Through the great depression, world wars and many pandemics, Josephs Jewelers shows that quality customer service, products and value truly stand the test of time.

As we move forward towards another 150 years of business, our core values still hold true: Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

Events & More

This year Josephs had several events planned to celebrate our history and our customers.

In 2020, we put a our events on hold, this year we had a lot to make up for.

Read below for a recap of our events and some of the special projects we ‘ve worked on.

Josephs Jewelers Annual Wedding Event

Every year we host a wedding event that features extended lines of bridal rings. We offer special pricing on rings purchased during this event.

This year we added an interactive prize wheel, it was a hit!

Bridal Rings
Extended lines of bridal rings

Hoppy Hour

Our Downtown location knows how to throw a party!

Their Hoppy Hour was one for the books! Featuring: food, beer & prizes all while browsing our fantastic jewelry!

Hoppy Hour 2021
Catered by Exile Brewing Co. & featuring an interactive prize wheel

Watches & Whiskey

We hosted our first ever watches and whiskey event.

This event featured: a whiskey tasting by the foundry and extended lines of watches and delicious catering by Cyd’s,  it was a great time!

Watches & Whiskey
Watches and Whiskey 2021
Watches and Whiskey 2021
Custom Josephs Vodka and Bourbon
Watches and Whiskey
Watches and Whiskey 2021

Customer Thank You Event

You can’t have a big anniversary like 150 years without a big party. Josephs hosted a party to thank all of our wonderful customers for their years of loyalty.

Food, drinks, violinist, jewelry cleanings and beautiful floral displays were just some of the exciting happenings at this event.

Custom 150th Anniversary Cookies
Custom 150th Anniversary Cookies
Josephs Jewelers 150th Anniversary Flower Wall
WildflowerDSM flower wall
Floral Chandeliers
WildflowerDSM floral chandeliers
Josephs Jewelers Staff
150th Anniversary Josephs Jewelers Staff

Estate Event

Old is the new, new. We’ve seen a large demand for estate jewelry in the past couple of years and this year we hosted our first ever estate event.

Featuring hundreds of estate pieces, food & drinks and a $2,000 giveaway!

estate pin
Estate Jewelry Pin
Estate Event

Josephs Jewelers 150 Anniversary Merchandise

In honor of our 150th anniversary, we had a sapphire ring custom made. It features an oval sapphire weighing 18.71 carats, the year Josephs was established!

This beautiful ring was designed by OMI Gems

A 150th anniversary collection was also started to honor our 150th year in business.

150th Anniversary Earrings
150th Anniversary Diamond Earrings
Sapphire Ring
18.71 carat sapphire ring
Josephs Jewelers 150th Anniversary Necklace
When shown under UV light a diamond outline appears


We produced a magazine in house for the first time in years. We partnered with amazing stores and vendors in the metro like: Blond Genius, Aimee, & Schaffer’s Bridal

If you see a friendly face in this magazine it’s because our employees modeled.

Josephs Jewelers Magazine
Josephs Jewelers 150th Anniversary Magazine


Josephs gold box will always remain but the interior box had a BIG makeover.

This year we started the transition from our gray packaging to a new luxurious black packaging with metallic gold finish.



We purchased an industrial laser star engraver that has engraving, cutting & welding abilities. As a result, we’ve been able to do even more custom jewelry.

This year we have been blessed. We have an amazing staff, loyal customers & so many new projects in the works.

After a year like 2020, we needed a year like 2021. Josephs Jewelers 150th Anniversary was a great reason to celebrate, we look forward to many more years of serving our community.

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