Josephs Jewelers Around The World

Josephs Jewelers has been in the jewelry business for more than a century and in those 144 years, we’ve worked with many different business partners from all over the world. If you had to guess how many vendors Josephs has worked with, could you pull a number off the top of your head? Now drill down even further and try to guess how many countries, states, and cities in which we’ve done business. Here’s a hint: it’s a lot!

In New York City alone, we’ve worked with 262 companies (356 in the entire state), 76 in Los Angeles, and 33 in Chicago. Josephs Jewelers has done business with almost every state except Alaska, Delaware, Maine and Wyoming (if you’re in the industry in any of those states, you probably need to call us). In total, we’ve done business with over 1,500 vendors in the United States alone. It’s amazing to think a local jewelry store has touched so many different places. To put it into perspective, if someone spent a day at each company in the U.S., it would take a little over 4 years to visit every one.

Let’s not forget that this number doesn’t include international vendors, either. The number of vendors is constantly changing and it varies month to month. When our Josephs Jewelers buyers go to jewelry industry trade shows, they bring back pieces from new companies that get added to our catalog of partners. We are continuously growing and changing, and it’s exciting to share new pieces with you from unique companies all across the world. Take a look at the map below to get an idea of where in the world we do business:

Josephs Jewelers map

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