Minerals as Your Favorite Celebs: Met Gala 2019

Minerals as Your Favorite Celebs: Met Gala 2019

Celebrities and minerals go hand in hand!

The extravagant Met Gala has been over for a few weeks now, but people are still talking about these crazy, unique outfits! Every year in May on the first Monday, celebs gather to support the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year’s theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” No, it’s not an outdoor camping trip; it’s based on an essay written by Susan Sontag. According to her notes, “Camp taste has an affinity for certain arts rather than others. Clothes, furniture, all the elements of visual décor, for instance, make up a large part of Camp.”

In other words, Sontag defined it as “its love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration.”

While everyone is talking about the red-carpet outfits, we’re over here drooling about this viral Twitter post comparing outfits to their look-a-like mineral forms! All in favor of having a mineral theme Met Gala, raise your hands! ?

Below are some of our favorites from the thread and some of our favorite minerals!

photo credit for the images goes to BuzzFeed and these amazing photographers.


Check out some beautiful minerals and gemstones here.

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