New Line: John Hardy Jewelry

We love partnering with companies that take the extra steps necessary to provide a great atmosphere for their employees and contribute positively to the environment – on top of fine jewelry craftsmanship and quality. John Hardy, a new jewelry line we got in our stores this fall, is a shining example of these qualities. Imagine a company so invested in their employees they provide lunch fresh from their organic garden each day and allow employees time with their families.  Where young moms can work from home so that they can be with their children. That is what John Hardy is all about, and we know you will be just as passionate about their story as we are!

John Hardy factory in Bali.

John Hardy was started in 1975. Hardy, an artist, fell in love with Bali during his travels and decided that’s where he wanted to make a difference. He founded a collective of local artisans on the island and created the John Hardy jewelry line. Each piece is hand-crafted by a local jeweler. Women that have families at home can hand-weave the chains at home – a process which can take 4 hours to complete just 1″ of chain, which also makes each piece varied and unique. Everything is done by hand; very little machinery can be found in the entire workshop. And amazingly, if the company were to cease operations on the island, everything there would easily go back to nature because of their green practices.

All the designs are inspired by the island of Bali itself and that inspiration is clearly shown in each individual jewelry collection. For example, the pieces in the Bamboo collection all call upon the structure of a bamboo plant in their design; but not only that, bamboo seedlings are planted for each piece of jewelry to revitalize the bamboo industry there. In fact, John Hardy just planted their 1 millionth bamboo last month!


Another jewelry collection is called the Naga collection. Naga is the name for the dragon that protects Bali by day, and by night goes deep into the ocean to be with its one true love: the pearl. The next morning, the Naga jumps up from the ocean to go back to its spot protecting the island and in doing so, sprays the rice plains with water to enrich the community with a plentiful harvest. When you wear a piece of jewelry with Naga on it, wear it outwards for protection and inwards for love and prosperity.


We’d love to invite you to come in the store and see all the John Hardy pieces and collections. You are able to get a true idea of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece by just holding it in your hands. We will be having a fun “launch” event coming up on December 7, 2017 from 10 am to 7:30 pm with a happy hour from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

John Hardy Launch Party




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