Personal Jeweler Dad’s Pick a Father’s Day Gift

Personal Jeweler Dad’s Pick a Father’s Day Gift

No one knows what to get Dad for a Father’s Day gift quite like the man himself. Take it from a few of our personal jeweler experts who say a traditional and/or customizable gift is the way to go this year. From an every day watch to an elegant home décor piece like the popular Mova Globe, there’s plenty of ideas on what to get for a Father’s Day gift! Get some gift inspiration from our personal jeweler Dad’s on what they wouldn’t mind receiving!

A dinosaur bone ring for a Father's Day Gift

Father's Day Gift - Men's Watch

Father's Day Gift - Double Old Fashion GlassFather's Day Gift - Superman Cufflinks

Jim Satin’s Picks:

“My Father liked jewelry, sometimes even more than Mom. He had watches and a couple right hand rings that I was lucky to inherit when he passed away. Each time I have a chance to wear them, I think of him. Jewelry like that is multi-generational. As a father myself, I would love to receive a gift of a watch or a special right hand ring, and then to be able to pass them down to my children.”

RGMSG04088 – 14K yellow gold cushion fossil dinosaur bone ring

WSKG11569 – Seiko stainless steel presage automatic watch with green gloss dial and brown leather strap.

Jake Joseph’s Picks:

A personalized pen – “Let everyone know this special pen is yours, and a pen is always needed.”

Waterford double old fashioned glasses (GWFCR00005) – “It looks cool to drink scotch out of it.”

Mikell Morris’ Picks:

“Remind your Dad he is still your superhero”

JGNCL00055 – Textured superman shield enamel cufflinks

Jesse Mason’s Picks:

“I love to receive any gift that’s personalized. I really like any form of wallet as I always have one on my, and I use it daily so it’s a constant reminder of those who gave me the gift.”

GMIG32409 – “This designer will emboss up to three characters on this leather wallet/money clip. I am a big fan of tan leather, and I like the stitching on this particular wallet.”

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