Mova – Antique Terrestrial Green Globe 4.5″


Covered by a calming and soothing shade of seafoam green, this terrestrial globe is also highlighted by its historical relevance. Mova’s interpretation depicts the three voyages taken by Captain James Cook in a design created by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1790. A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun’s position each day of the year. The globes are solar powered, either by natural sunlight or interior lighting; combined with hidden magnets they use Earth’s magnetic field to continuously rotate the globe on its acrylic base. Note: You will notice there is no Antarctica on this globe as James Cook did not believe it existed! Globe Size: 4.5″Dia. Base Size: 2.72″Dia x 2.36″H. Overall Size: Approx.- 7.25″H


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