The Tale of Two Halves: Amy and Dillon’s Proposal

The Tale of Two Halves: Amy and Dillon’s Proposal

At Josephs, we love love. Amy and Dillion didn’t win our love story contest but we love their modern love story. Read more about their proposal below.

In the heart of downtown, the city hummed with life and love, Joseph’s Jewelers stood as a beacon of romance. Little did anyone know, it would soon shape a love story inspired by fate and the digital age.

Amy and Dillon’s journey began in the realm of cyberspace, where modern romance bloomed amidst Plato’s ancient theory of soulmates split by Zeus’s envy. Their paths crossed on Bumble, igniting a connection that defied time and distance. From the first exchange of messages, it was as though they were reuniting with a lost half of themselves.

As their virtual conversations flourished, anticipation for their first meeting crackled like electricity. Scheduled for October 23, impatience seized them, leading to an impromptu rendezvous on October 14.
That fateful night, as they laughed and shared stories, it became clear: they were destined to become whole together.

Their love story unfolded like a fairytale, marked by shared dreams and adventures. From purchasing their first home to blending their lives with Amy’s beloved pet Meeko, every moment was woven with threads of love and laughter.

Then, on the anniversary of their spontaneous first date, Dillon orchestrated a proposal that would rival the most romantic of tales. With a surprise playlist setting the mood, Dillon took Amy’s hand amidst loved ones, while a photographer captured every moment. In that magical moment, surrounded by the people who mattered most, he asked her to be his forever.

And as Amy’s eyes shimmered with tears of joy, Joseph’s Jewelers had played its part in providing the symbol of their everlasting love—a ring that would forever bind them together in the journey of life and love.

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