Sotheby’s: Jaw-Dropping Diamonds

A lot happens in the jewelry industry on a daily basis.  It’s a constantly changing field, which makes being a part of the industry exciting.  We thought we’d share a couple of noteworthy news tidbits, and they happen to be about a gemstone most of us will forever and always be truly captivated by: diamonds!  In other words, these diamonds are far from ordinary – they’re large, beautiful, and worth millions.


15.38 Carat Unique Pink to Lead the Sotheby’s Geneva Auction in May:

sothebys diamond

Auction houses reign supreme when it comes to selling the biggest and best jewels out there.  Sotheby’s “Magnificent and Nobel Jewels” auction on May 17th in Geneva is no exception. There will be a 15.38 carat pink diamond ring for sale.  However, this isn’t your average diamond either: this is the largest fancy vivid pink pear-shape diamond ring ever offered at auction.  The price tag?  It’s estimated to sell for a cool $28 million – $38 million.

Information & image courtesy of JCK.

Diamond the size of a tennis ball could fetch more than $70M at auction:

Image courtesy of Sky News.

This time, it’s the diamond rough that’s got everyone talking. At a whopping 1,109 carats of gem-quality rough, this diamond is thought to sell at upwards of $70 million.  In additions, it was mined in Botswana and is the second largest gem-quality rough ever discovered. Sotheby’s will be managing the auction of this spectacular piece on June 29 in London.

Read more at Sky News.

Purple Reigns: Argyle Selling 2.83 Carat Violet Diamond:


Not only is a large carat weight an astonishing and valuable factor in rare diamonds, but color is too. At the Argyle diamond mine in Australia, famous for its pink diamonds, they have unearthed one of the rarest of diamond colors: violet.  This 2.83 carat oval stone will be the centerpiece of this year’s Pink Diamond Tender in June.  It’s no question this stone will be the focal point of the event, because after 32 years, the mine has only produced 12 total carats of violet diamonds.

Information & image courtesy of JCK. 


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