We’re taking the Intimidation Factor out of Fine Jewelry

Have you ever walked into a store where you knew right away that people work for commission?

The moment you enter, you get pounced on to purchase something outside your price range. That’s one of the biggest differences between Josephs and many other businesses. We do not work on commission; our interest is to be The Genie and make all your wishes come true.

We want to help you find something you want WITHOUT the intimidation factor. If you’re nervous to go into a jewelry store, you’re not alone.

study conducted by JCK in 2001 showed that 87% of consumers said shopping for jewelry wasn’t fun simply because of the intimidation factor.

This “factor” prevents customers from wanting to come into a fine jewelry store like ours. We want to make the experience one to remember, so we take pride in educating and following-up with customers to make sure they’re satisfied with their purchases. Josephs Jewelers also makes the experience as relaxed as possible. We offer a selection of beverages while customers browse or give them a comfortable place to wait near a warm fireplace and a television.

While Josephs Jewelers does offer a large variety of luxury high-end jewelry, both locations also have price points for every budget including sterling silver jewelry, giftware and a half-off case.

sterling silver necklace- intimidation      moscow mule mug - intimidation     yellow gold ring - intimidation

We want to help make your visit as easy, memorable and helpful as possible. For us, it’s all about the customers and their satisfaction. Like Mary H. who said one of our sales people “explained everything to us, showed us multiple options, taught us things about the diamonds and did not pressure us whatsoever.” Or Robert K. who mentioned he was “impressed with the friendliness and helpful suggestions. I left with the perfect gift and am extremely pleased with my shopping experience…”

In addition to offering prices for every budget, we also understand you want to connect with someone with your own interests; you can read about each of our sales people to find who you would feel comfortable with. Your business means a great deal to us, and we hope to continue creating endless gold box moments without intimidation.

Josephs Jewelers is a fifth generation family-owned business that’s been around for 147 years… we must be doing something right!

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