What are the Benefits to Shopping Local?

With the millions of shopping options out there, it might be hard to recognize all the super awesome benefits that come with shopping locally!

There’s been a big movement that began in 2010 called “Shop Small Saturday,” which began as a way to help local businesses rebound from the recession. This day is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and it has since gained popularity with people shopping local as a weekly routine. There are soooooo many reasons why you should join the trend and keep it local.


Here’s how you can both benefit from it:

1. First, It helps strengthen the economy. Why would you not want to do that? Because the money that goes to local businesses is worth THREE TIMES MORE than shopping at a big-box retailer (and 50 times more than an online mega-retailer)

2. Secondly, you can avoid ridiculous set prices. Be wary of pricing at larger retailers as a lot of prices are set and cannot be. That’s not likely for smaller businesses. They want you to find something in your price range while making sure you’re getting the biggest band for your buck.

3. Thirdly, small businesses go above and beyond! When you shop local, you truly are getting a VIP treatment. There is more than one way that small businesses do this. These places can give you a special discount for being a loyal customer. They can quickly order an out-of-stock item from a local vendor because they have a good relationship. They might even remember your name next time you visit!

4. Fourthly, customers are everything. Almost everyone in a local business will bend over backwards to “break” a few rules and make sure you’re happy with your purchase and pricing. Compared to big chains, these local businesses will give you some of the best customer service you will ever have. They want to build trust and have a relationship with you. They will do everything they can to hold their promises.

5. Fifthly, Did an item break? Was the quality bad? Was it not what the person expected? With big-box retailers, you can wait on the phone for hours before finally getting an answer to your questions. Local businesses understand how precious your minutes are and will have an answer and suggestion for you (hopefully) as soon as you call, email or pop in! There’s no need to wait for someone who actually has your answer because any of the associates should be able to help.

Next time you’re looking for a gift of any sort, remember to shop local — everyone benefits from it!


Stop by our West Des Moines location on Shop Small Saturday to shop, and if you’re one of the first 10 customers to make a purchase, you’ll get a surprise tote bag!

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