These are the Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

These are the Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

Whether the time is nearing to get engaged, or you just enjoy the sights of sparkling jewels, there are many great upcoming engagement ring trends that we will definitely be seeing a lot of next year! Some of these trends are being carried over from last year (hello, pops of color), but there’s also a lot of new ones—like the comeback of rose gold! Excuse us while we squeal with joy as we unveil eight of the top engagement ring trends for 2020.

Classic Solitaire

Solitaires are a classic option that—let’s face it—are always trending! You just can’t go wrong with an elegant mounting that definitely makes your diamond the spotlight of your ring finger.


A beautiful, intricate art-deco ring is just what you need to stand out from the crowd. Just imagine how much your treasure will pop with all of those ring selfies you’ll be taking.

Oval Cuts

An easy alternative from a round stone, oval cuts provide high brilliance with the illusion of longer fingers. An oval cut would look stunning in a countless number of settings!

Emerald Cuts

Emerald cuts are increasingly becoming a favorite for its sophisticated look. The long rectangular look with clean, distinct facets is what sets it apart from other diamond cuts.

Rose Gold

The rose gold craze is making another comeback. This metal type can provide a little more romance to your engagement ring, while staying durable and affordable.

Colored Stones / Birthstones

Thanks to a few well-known celebrity proposals, colored stones/birthstones are a popular alternative. Colored stones have many hidden meanings that add a sentimental touch to your purchase. Many stones do not have the hardiness for everyday wear, so we recommend checking with your personal jeweler to discuss your options.


Bring a bit more flair and sparkle to your engagement ring by simply adding a halo. A halo is a series of diamonds surrounding the outside of your center-stone.


Known as the past, present and future engagement ring, three-stone rings represent the longevity of love. The design became increasingly popular with Meghan Markle’s engagement ring design.

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