Mother’s Day: Jewelry Designs

Mother's Day

Ahhhh, Mother’s Day, one thing that we love about jewelry is that it allows you to place special meaning & symbolism in each piece you wear. You may think of your first job when you wear a ring you bought yourself to celebrate your milestone; or, you may think of grandma when you wear her favorite bracelet she passed down to you. No matter the reason or occasion, the sentimental value we place on our jewelry is priceless!

One of the big sentimental jewelry holidays is Mother’s Day. Mother’s jewelry typically uses birthstones to create a piece that represents family members (however, we also like to think that you can use any stone you want to create a family piece, as long as it holds special significance for you!).


Mother’s Day Jewelry Designs

We’ve had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful customers and their families to create unique, one-of-a-kind mother’s jewelry and we thought we’d share some of those designs to inspire you for your next creation.

Mother's Day
It all starts with drawing out ideas.
mother's day
This beautiful wave pendant includes a variety of birthstones in varying sizes for an overall statement family piece.
Mother's day SPECL00456
A beautiful bezel set pendant with a blue sapphire and two diamonds.
Mother's Day
This customer wanted December’s blue zircon look, but zircons this small tend to lose color. Instead, we went with durable, sparkling blue diamonds to achieve the same look and create a long-lasting ring.
Mother's day
A modern, sleek bar pendant with two garnets and a diamond.
Mother's day
This customer was very proud of her Celtic heritage and wanted to incorporate interlocking, woven shapes that are seen in a lot of Celtic jewelry. See below for the final piece from this sketch!
Mother's day stackers
The end result is a special family pendant that draws upon her Celtic heritage.
Mother's day ring
A simple yet elegant 3-stone ring, with a pink tourmaline, diamond and blue sapphire.
Mother's Day rings
This ring uses four different bezel-set stones for a unique birthstone look.
Mother's day stackers
These stacker rings allow you to play around with different stones and shapes to build the perfect family ring stack.
mother's day stackers
Add different stacker pendants to create a special arrangement.

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