6 Creative Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

6 Creative Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day
Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Valentine’s Day-It’s finally February, the unofficial month of love. You might be thinking that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to express your love… and we get it! So if you’re planning on popping the question on the most lovey dovey day on the calendar, we’ve got your back. Throw out all of the cliché ideas you’ve seen in those romantic movies and try one of these six creative ways to make sure your Valentine says ‘yes!’



Priceless and crafty! Let ‘cupid’ dig through the archives to find candid shots of you and your love, starting with the first time you’ve met. Make a small album or scrapbook reminding them of what they mean to you. To be a little extra, you could also use an actual book instead. Hollow out the back of the book where you will slip the ring box in (There’s tutorials!). The rest of the book pages in the front will be covered with photos, ephemera and little love notes.



Your Valentine deserves it—and you do too. Take them to a place that’s unexpected! We recommend making reservations at a higher-end restaurant that you both haven’t visited before to set the tone for the night. This romantic ‘foodie’ adventure with delicious cocktails or a few glasses of wine will end with a fabulous dessert. When you make the reservation be sure to let them know about the extravagant surprise so everything can go smoothly. Once they see the dessert with ‘Marry me?’ the rest is history!



How cute and romantic would it be to have a scavenger hunt around town or in your own home? Hang letters or sticky notes around your significant others’ favorite place(s) to reminisce on the memories. Each ‘clue’ would lead to another location, ending with the location where you both met. This could also be done around the house. Aww!! This will lead up to the big question.

Hint: Have a friend come along with her/him to help secretly document the adventure on video. It’s a moment they’ll cherish forever.


This idea is guaranteed to make someone smile. There are several Facebook groups that do this type of thing. Basically you find people from all over the world to write a handwritten note that says “my love for you is so big, it has traveled to _________.” In the blank space, the person from another country or state will write where they are. The background of their photo will feature some sort of landmark that represents where they live. It’s a unique idea for anyone to show how much they love one another. (Side note: you will have to exchange some photos with the others, but no big deal!)



Love letters or cards might be a thing of the past, but it will be something you both can reflect back on for years to come. Write something you love about your Valentine on a bunch of cards—and we mean a BUNCH. Give them to your Valentine randomly throughout the day or spread them out over several weeks leading up to the moment where you want to ask them the big question (in a card of course!). When the time comes and she opens the envelope, get down on one knee and surprise them!



For a fun and playful idea, write on 20 pieces of paper reasons why you love your other half (your significant other, that is.) These ‘notes’ will be placed in 20 balloons. Put the all in one room and let her choose which one they want to pop. When you’re all finished tell her that you have one last balloon to pop, and bring out one that’s been hidden. This balloon will have the engagement ring tied to the bottom. This is when you pop (get it?!) the question to them!


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