2023 Josephs Jewelers Magazine

2023 Josephs Jewelers Magazine

Behind every successful publication, there is a dedicated visionary who orchestrates the entire symphony of creative elements, from conceptualization to print. At Josephs Jewelers, that visionary is none other than our Marketing Coordinator, Paige Reed. As the Editor in Chief of the Josephs Jewelers magazine, Paige Reed has been the driving force responsible for crafting, planning, and organizing every aspect of this annual magazine. With unwavering passion and a keen eye for detail, she brings to life a publication that takes an entire year to produce. But she doesn’t do it alone; Paige collaborates closely with the talented team at Flynn Wright to ensure that every page of the magazine reflects the timeless elegance and luxury that Josephs Jewelers is known for. However, the magic of our magazine extends far beyond the work done within our company walls. It thrives thanks to the support of our cherished local partnerships, our dedicated staff models, and the steadfast guidance of our management team. Without this collective effort, the Josephs Jewelers magazine could not be the captivating and enchanting publication it is today.

Local Partnerships:

  1. RAYGUN: Our partnership with the ever-creative RAYGUN adds a unique and local touch to our magazine. Pages: 32; 46
  2. Metro Market Boutique: With Metro Market Boutique, we’ve found the perfect fusion of fashion and style that complements our jewelry. Pages: 27,42, 48
  3. Laura Wills Photography: Once again, we’ve had the privilege of working with the talented Laura Wills Photography, whose skill and creativity brought our jewelry to life in the most enchanting way.
  4. WildflowerDSM: WildflowerDSM has graced our magazine with their stunning floral arrangements, adding a touch of natural beauty to our jewelry. Pages: 6, 14,34,56
  5. Glen Oaks Country Club: Our photoshoot location at Glen Oaks Country Club provided a picturesque backdrop for our jewelry collections.
  6. Schaffer’s Bridal: All the gowns and suits featured in our magazine are courtesy of Schaffer’s Bridal, ensuring that the attire complements our jewelry perfectly. Pages: 4, 6, 9, 14,16,18,20,40,50,56
  7. Kelsey Klein Hair: Hair styling by Kelsey Klein Hair added the finishing touch to our models’ looks, ensuring they were picture-perfect.
  8. Ivy Boyd Makeup: Our models’ makeup was skillfully done by Ivy Boyd Makeup, enhancing their natural beauty.
  9. Flynn Wright: has been the key to bringing the Josephs Jewelers magazine to life with unparalleled creativity and expertise.

If your business is interested in partnering with Josephs Jewelers for the 2024 magazine reach out to, Paige Reed. Paige.Reed@josephsjewelers.com

Josephs Jewelers Experience

At Josephs, fostering meaningful connections with our customers is at the heart of our mission. It’s not uncommon for us to witness individuals initially seeking the perfect engagement ring and then returning to celebrate all of life’s special moments with us. What makes these relationships truly extraordinary is the remarkable number of generational shoppers who grace our doors. It’s a touching experience to see a great-grandson choose our store for his engagement ring, following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents. To honor these cherished connections, we’ve dedicated four pages to showcasing our #josephscouples, shining a spotlight on our loyal customers.

For us, building these enduring relationships is paramount, which is why, as you peruse this magazine, you’ll come across some familiar faces. We’re thrilled to feature our dedicated employees, as well as the spouses and children of our team, all of whom graciously joined us to represent our brand. Their presence serves as a testament to the warmth and authenticity that define the Josephs Jewelers experience.

Josephs Jewelers Love Story

At Josephs Jewelers, we’ve always believed that every piece of jewelry tells a story, and there’s no greater love story than the one shared between two people. This year, we decided to celebrate the beautiful narratives of our customers’ love stories through our very own Josephs Jewelers Love Story Contest. We invited our customers to open their hearts and share their personal love stories with us, providing them with an opportunity to win a grand prize of $2,000 towards their wedding bands and the opportunity to model in our 2023 Magazine.

The response was overwhelming, with entrants pouring in with tales of romance, connection, and commitment. We were deeply moved by the genuine and heartwarming stories that our customers shared. Couples submitted not only heartfelt written narratives but also enchanting photographs that beautifully captured the essence of their love stories. It was a challenging task to select a winner, given the abundance of touching stories and captivating moments, but one couple stood out as the embodiment of love, Paige and Brandon.

Paige and Brandon’s love story touched our hearts in a way that was undeniably special. Their journey is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and unwavering commitment. As a result, we couldn’t resist featuring them as the beloved bride and groom throughout our magazine. Their story will unfold across our pages, allowing readers to join in on their captivating journey and share in the magic of their love. We’re thrilled to showcase their love story, an embodiment of the timeless romance that we hold dear at Josephs Jewelers.

BTS-Behind The Scenes

Our photoshoot day is a whirlwind of activity, commencing with hair and makeup at the early hour of 7 am and concluding only after 6 pm with our group photo. This meticulously planned day is organized down to the minute, with a brief 30-minute lunch break squeezed in. It involves a seamless dance of handling attire logistics, aligning schedules with our valued partners, managing hair and makeup transformations, and orchestrating multiple outfit changes. It’s a day of controlled chaos, an absolute blast, but, above all, it’s an opportunity to do what we love most—showcase the extraordinary beauty of our jewelry.

How to View

While we’d love to send a copy of the Josephs Jewelers Magazine to every single person in the world, it’s not quite possible. We are offering our magazine digitally and some in hard copy. If you’d like a copy come visit us in store!

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