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Affordable Gifts: Under $100

Affordable gifts at Josephs  isn’t a crazy thought. We’ve heard some pretty crazy things while working in retail but the most insane is,  “I could never afford anything at Josephs”. That’s crazy talk! At Josephs, we have something for everyone, no matter their budget. A lot of people forget that jewelry and other gifts from […]

A Gift Guide for Dad

Gift Guide for Dad-7 Great Gifts It’s June — which means Father’s Day is quickly approaching! Another holiday means it’s time to think of some great gift ideas for him that he’ll (hopefully) use or wear every day. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift whether that means you’re purchasing something for a […]

Mother’s Day: Jewelry Designs

Ahhhh, Mother’s Day, one thing that we love about jewelry is that it allows you to place special meaning & symbolism in each piece you wear. You may think of your first job when you wear a ring you bought yourself to celebrate your milestone; or, you may think of grandma when you wear her […]